Britain’s Got Talent Competition

Published on April 19th, 2013

If someone misses good music and people who know how to bring it to you, it is great to pay attention to talent competition Britain’s Got Talent, a reality TV show.

Everyone remembers previous winners of this program. They were Ashleigh and Pudsey who were both cute and talented. However, this time the story is quite different.

After the great musical opening, the new participants introduce themselves trying to become the favorites of the audience. The first were Cindy and Dawn who are mother and daughter. However, they turned to be not too noticeable and worth paying attention to. After this, awkward songs of a man being a human dog and constipation, something really great was presented.

Gospel Singers Incognito was positively accepted by the audience positively as their singing was simply remarkable.

Don’t forget about comedians as not a BGT show goes without them. However, they are not as good as they could have been. However, Jack Carroll who is 14 years old made the viewers gasp in admiration. The combination of gymnastic skills and bright personality worked well on his performance.

Of course, there were more strange participants. For example, a guy who danced with a home-made broom which had a woman’s face glued on. This caused nothing but a shrug. There was also a participant who decided to show some exercises on a chair.

However, children continued to surprise the audience and judges. Arixandra who is only 11 years old is surely the future star. She sang One Night Only’ of Jennifer Hudson and won everyone’s hearts.

Shadow dancers made people think over their performance as it was touchy and extremely emotional. The audience was surely impressed by them.

Finally, Alice Fredenham showed everything she could with her voice flowing like a liquid gold singing ‘My Funny Valentine’.

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