South Korean Rapper Psy Was Defeated by Cho Yong-pil

Published on April 25th, 2013

When South Korean rapper Psy revealed his new video, everyone rushed happily to watch it as the memory of his previous success this “Gangnam Style” and that funny and simple dance was still fresh in their minds. However, “Gentleman” didn’t manage to make the same impression neither with music nor with the dance. In addition, his compatriots preferred to listen to another pop singer who is 63 years old.

Of course, “Gangnam Style” still has over 1.5 billion views the majority of which were from Koreans, but this time K-pop seems to receive another figure which doesn’t have garnish jackets and weird sunglasses.

Cho Yong-pil has been present on Korean music scene long ago. He actually represented the country’s music since 1975 performing ballads and electronic songs. Yet, suddenly he won everyone’s hearts with the song “Bounce” which managed to get to the top of weekly charts really fast.

Lots of people began to purchase his album “Hello” which wasn’t popular during the last 10 years and even went to his concert which was held on April 23. The success was obvious. The singer surely didn’t expect that he would receive so many fans unexpectedly who got tired of jumping and changed they tastes to something more worthy listening to.

As a result, songs of Cho settled on the 10th place of charts while “Gentleman” of Psy is on the 13th place. Yet, he still managed to gather 220 million views after releasing it on YouTube. Perhaps, that was caused by his precious success and big expectations everyone put on him.

Psy pointed out that he respects Cho as a veteran of Korean music and that he was glad for receiving praise from him.

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